1000x1000-CircleButton-Shoe Steps for Burgundy is a Fitness Challenge by Hiro, the founder of Burgundy for Life, for Arteriovenous Malformation Awareness.

The idea for this challenge was born in March 2016, a few months after she picked up running as a way to becoming healthier. She hopes to raise awareness and funds for the vascular malformation by pledging to run 25 Race Miles in 2016. She hopes that you will follow her journey, both through this blog, and on our Facebook Page.

You can contact her via e-mail at: hi@stepsforburgundy.org

Behind The Scenes

Hiro is an AVM and Brain Injury Survivor, having been diagnosed with Cerebral Arteriovenous Malformation at 22. She had a Craniotomy in 2011 to remove the malformations from her brain, and has since then become a voice in advocating for awareness for this rare disorder. To celebrate her survival and “second chance” at life, she founded Burgundy for Life to provide resources and support to fellow vascular malformation survivors and supporters.

Cerebral Arteriovenous Malformation is a rare vascular disorder which affects 18 out of every 100,000 people in the US. In AVMs, blood vessels are “malformed” to resemble tangled ginseng roots, and instead of veins going through a bed of capillaries, they shunt directly into the arteries, causing high-flow networks of blood vessels.

In January 2016, she decided that she needed to do something drastic to motivate herself to get back into shape, and began running.  Starting at a snail’s pace, she lost 7 pounds in one month, and got to the point in her running “career” where she looked forward to gym sessions, venturing to the pavement to further her runs. Inspired by her new found excitement for running and fitness, she decided to contact The Aneurysm and AVM Foundation to propose a “Challenge,” where she would run races in order to raise awareness for AVM.

About The Website

Our lovely logo was designed and created by Mary Heinrichs, a Graphic Illustrator, based on a crude “sketch” by the author.

Steps for Burgundy is part of Burgundy for Life, an advocacy organization for Arteriovenous Malformation, Brain Aneurysm, and Brain Injury Awareness.

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